2024 Grower Conference

Posted on Friday, 28th June 2024

2024 Grower Conference

Despite the challenges, there's still much to be positive about. Yesterday we held our Annual Grower Conference at Sandburn Hall. A stellar line up of speakers shared the latest developments at R S Cockerill, our customers and globally.

Joe Weston brought us up to speed on the rapid pace of developments at our Mowthorpe farming operation, what we're doing in terms of seed and ware production, how we got there and what it will mean for us and our growers in the future.

Both Ian Rigby from PepsiCo, and Martin Shields and Ciaran Gibson from Aldi shared with us the latest developments in their businesses. The inflationary and climatic challenges of the last two seasons are recognised, and are being addressed. Its important for all of us to build a robust supply chain for the future. Collaborate and navigate the turbulence together.

Allan Wilkinson from HSBC looked at our sector from a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) perspective. How have we got here, and how do we manage our relationships from here on out? Emphasising the need to build robustness into your business. Some great discussions, perspectives and proposals. Plenty of food for thought.

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